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Fanfics and Fanvids of Spookyfbi
This community contains the fanfics and fanvids of spookyfbi
If you like my fics, feel free to join so that you can get them on your f-list :)

Pairings contained herein:
Jack/Beckett (POTC)
Jack/Will (POTC)
Jack/Norrington (POTC)
Elizabeth/Barbossa (POTC)
Elizabeth/Various (POTC)
Davy Jones/Calypso (POTC)
Elizabeth/Will (POTC)
Todd/Lovett (Sweeney Todd)
Todd/Razor/Revenge (Sweeney Todd)
Vala/Daniel (Stargate)
Vala/Tomin (Stargate)
John/Aeryn (Farscape)
Kirk/Spock (Star Trek)

Disclaimer: This community contains fanfics/fanvids, therefore characters involved are the property of their respective fandoms. Songs used in fanvids are the property of their performers (I think?). I in no way claim ownership to anything contained herein which is not mine, nor do I make any profit from this. Hopefully, everyone already knew that anyway.

Warning: Many of my fics contain slash, with the odd smattering of het. All fics are clearly labeled.